Investing in Small and Medium Enterprise

ANANDA Investment Group is an independent, privately funded, investment company that invests in small and medium enterprise turning over between $1Mil – $50Mil. We acquire established businesses that are either partially or wholly under staff management and focus on sustainability and growth.

The companies we acquire are off market and with the owners aiming to either transition out of the business or stay in and grow it. We invest in all types of healthy companies as well as those in complex, distressed and special situations.

ANANDA is hands on in supporting its investments and offers the companies that it invests in, non-executive management and strategic input, subject to the terms of the investment.

For us every investment is centred around creating outcomes that are of optimal advantage to all stakeholders (particularly the seller). Simply, we work collaboratively with company shareholders, directors and owners to achieve the best for everyone.

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Impact Investment/ Profit for Purpose

ANANDA Investment Group proudly invests into impact venture/ social enterprise companies that are changing the world. These range from start up through to scale up.

We believe that creating sustainable impact enterprise, profit for purpose, is the quickest, most effective and most sustainable way to positively impact planet and humanity. To be clear, we want to demonstrate to the world that you can do good, by doing good, that is to say companies can return profit to shareholders, when they focus on doing good for our planet and our humanity.

As our team have built their own companies as founders, as well as have extensive investment experience, we consider ANANDA to be a high value investment partner for impact ventures looking to expand and achieve their full potential. As investors, we work closely with the founders we invest in, to give them all the necessary support, tools and network they need to achieve their vision.

If you’re building and growing an impact venture/ social enterprise, we are already so proud of you, please reach out to us for support.

Ready to Grow Your Impact Enterprise


The ANANDA Investment Group partners always deploy their own capital into our investments, that is to say, we always have our “skin in the game”. We are not a typical fund, meaning that we don’t just take a fee to manage the capital of others.

Where we deploy the capital of external partners invested with us we do this in a syndicated deal format. Because we deploy our own capital as well as our investment partners, we are most highly committed to above market returns.

We are always open to new investment partners, either in our private SME investments or impact investments, or both. Investment partnerships and capital are termed on a deal by deal basis.

If you’re interested in investing with us and gaining well above average returns, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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Corporate Advisory

ANANDA Investment Group’s management and corporate consulting company ANANDA Strategic Advisory is a leader in getting outstanding results for companies, founders and owners. The primary reason is that our team have a background in founding, building, operating and exiting companies. Problem solving and creating strategic, high impact solutions, is what we do. We simply aim to make life easier for company owners and operators. We deliver the following solutions to our clients:

  • Growth strategy and implementation.
  • Turnaround strategy and implementation.
  • General strategy and implementation.
  • Non-executive management.
  • Exit strategy and implementation.
  • Sale readiness strategy and implementation.
  • Capital raise and cash strategy, and implementation.
  • M&A strategy and implementation.
  • Transaction support and due diligence.
  • General advisory.
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What We Value



We love seeing businesses prosper and we do this work for fun. If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it.


Amazing people & places

It’s all about the people and the things they’re doing, and where we are doing it together. Who says business has to be in a boring boardroom.



Open minds and great people typically go hand in hand, business can be an ultimate creative outlet and for us it is.



We like people and deep connection. We get this with partners, suppliers, community, our self and our planet. When these are good, life is good.



Because we do what we love, we create value and subsequent profit, making a greater economic contribution.



This is the real fun, we find opportunity in every aspect create great enterprise.


Consciousness and awareness

We are always considerate and aware of the decisions we make and the impact they have on community, individuals and the planet.


Value creation

We are value creators, we seek it out at every turn in a business.


Discipline and Strategy

Our eye is on the prize. We are highly disciplined and strategic in business and our lives to get the best for all stakeholders.