ANANDA Investment Group acquires, invests in and advises private, established Small and Medium Enterprises.

The companies we acquire are off market and with the owners aiming to either transition out of the business or stay in and grow it. We invest in all types of healthy companies as well as those in complex, distressed and special situations.

For business owners considering it is often the case that they don’t know where to start. We are that first point and will guide you on the journey, so as your needs are met. The process can be complicated, and can often fail, that’s why we recommend not involving accountants, or business brokers in the first instance. With only 1 in every 5 businesses that go to market selling, the stakes are high for getting it right.

We understand that selling your company can be a complex maze and needs to be kept in confidence. Confidentiality is our highest priority.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Everything stays confidential.
  • We respect your wishes as a business owner and aime to create the future for you company and you that you want.
  • We have extensive experience in both SME acquisitions and corporate advisory.
  • We will not proceed with the transaction unless you are satisfied with the deal.
  • We believe in simplicity.

We buy businesses and invest in them to take them into the future as sustainable assets for the staff, clients and community. We understand your business a business to an owner is very valuable, so we focus on:

  • Safeguarding your employees.
  • Maintain the relationship with your customers and suppliers.
  • Protect the legacy that you have built from the very beginning.

ANANDA Investment Group is a leader in getting outstanding results for companies, founders and owners. The primary reason is that our team have a background in founding, building, operating and exciting companies. You could be sure that your business is in safe hands now and into the future.

The transaction process period depends on how fast you can deliver the information needed for us to evaluate your business and this could take as soon as 30 days. For more detail on how we approach this contact us at

We are serious about keeping the confidentiality of any information you have provided to us and we will handle it with extra precautions.

We acquire established businesses that are either partially or wholly under staff management and focus on sustainability and growth.
For our detailed investment criteria:-