It’s over 18 months since I finished in my last executive role. At that time I committed to having a long break. Since, i’ve often been asked questions like, what’s next for you; and, are you still just surfing and meditating or back to work? To be honest, I’m honoured and flattered that others have showed an interest and this has encouraged me to provide this update.

I’ve been enjoying some travelling and being creative, as well as plenty of surfing and golf. Very excitingly, during this period, two new, and connected, enterprise have been conceived. These are ANANDA Private Equity and ANANDA Strategic Advisory.

I’m not sure of the exact date when they came to life, but at some stage last year. Since then things have already gained some amazing momentum, with some highlights including:

  • ANANDA Private Equity acquiring positions in two companies thus far.
  • ANANDA Private Equity creating partnerships for investments in The United States and in Europe, in addition to Australia.
  • ANANDA Strategic Advisory group taking on three clients to provide strategic advisory, each achieving game changing results within a 12 months period.

What lies ahead for this year? The plan is to achieve the following:

  • ANANDA Private Equity will make two new strategic acquisitions/ investments.
  • ANANDA Strategic Advisory will take on four more clients.

We’ve launched a new website and LinkedIn page, where i’ll be sharing regular updates and insights that I come across that can help people in business. Please consider this invitation to take a look at the website at and to follow the company LinkedIn page with this link:

Please feel free to reach me on my phone, email or via LinkedIn if it applies to you and you’re interested in discussing:

  • Strategic advisory to really kick your business along.
  • Exiting/ selling your company all together.
  • A capital injection for growth and a higher yield from your company.
  • A chat about ANANDA, or life in general.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and excitingly, welcome to ANANDA Private Equity…

Kind regards,
Adam Tucker
Managing Partner