ANANDA Private Equity offers a solution…..

It is distressing for any accountant, lawyer or advisor to see a client’s company sliding into a troubled financial position or hear the owner wants out because they are stuck. You may have helped the owner create a plan to move the business out of trouble but it has been poorly implemented or previous poor advice has delivered the wrong outcomes. These recovery failures place significant stress on all stakeholders and the blame game is too easy to fall into when such a position emerges.

At Ananda success in turnarounds comes from providing hands on investor and partner support. We understand the extreme pressures on owners and management teams and how this can immobilize them. They may have spent months or years playing catch up and feel trapped and unable to see a pathway to exit the business.

Ananda makes turnaround a reality. We take equity in a distressed company and partner with them to implement a turnaround strategy to protect or regain solvency. Through collaboration we create the pathway to long term profitability. Our advisory and management teams devise fit for purpose, transition strategies to achieve further growth and sustainability.

Most distressed businesses were once successful and we can create this success again by offering a holistic understanding the unique set of circumstances and pressures that have arisen for a company. We get in on the ground to work through not only the financial and business levers but the emotional head space of the organisation. Our approach is partnering to create possibility – to map a new future for the company and deliver positive outcomes for all stakeholders.         

If you are a company owner/director or an accountant, lawyer or advisor to a company that may be distressed, or the owners are motivated to exit, ANANDA Private Equity is your solution.                     

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