Our Founder

Adam has founded, built and exited a number of companies of his own prior to moving into the investment space, which now has him partnering with others to do the same.

He sits on a number of boards as a non-exective director for both private companies and some not for profits.

Orignally a “boy from the bush” in rural Victoria, Australia, his career saw him start out as a civil engineer, working into project management of multi-billion dollar projects. He then moved into exective leadership.

He has an acute eye for detail, yet a big picture view point, adding value to all companies he comes into contact with in his work. His ethos is to do business with great people, doing great things, always with empathy and transparency. Working with those with an open mind, entrepreneurial spirit and looking to challenge “normal” at every instance.

He has a strict belief that the business we do, must keep in mind the best outcome possible all stakeholders, or it is simply not worth doing, and the quickest way to get to this is all parties collaborating with open minds and hearts, honesty, and clarity.

Adam is a surfer, an ocean and nature lover, a regular yogi, amature boxing enthusiast, bad golfer and music lover. He really enjoys socialising, being with family, meeting new people and sharing thoughts and ideas.

Ultimately he is about using his entrepreneurial and business acumen to create sufficient influence to drive more equality across the globe, and leave this planet and humanity better off than when I received it.

Contact Adam directly at adam.tucker@anandape.com